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Customer Data Platform

Tourism or hotel enterprises have acquired abundant customer data from their service, yet the data is too fragmentary to be managed. The Customer Data Platform of DOSSM-MarTech (DOSSM-CDP) helps the enterprise to gain insights of their customers by integrating data from both online and offline, sorting and tagging customer data, and building up 360 degree view of customer profiles.

  • Omni-channel Connect

Customer data is the most important marketing asset of an enterprise.

In the digital age, an enterprise can interact with customers by many touch points, including website, WeChat, outdoor advertisements, on-site posters, online forums, online communities, short videos, E-mails, SMS, e-commerce, activities and exhibitions, etc. DOSSM-CDP will act as a marketing CPU, trace customer data from all channels by QR codes or landing pages, collect leads and customer data from these channels in a low cost, high efficient and recognizable way.

  • 360° Customer Profiling

DOSSM-MarTech has a powerful customer profiling engine, which integrates customers' basic information, behavior data, and campaigns-reacting data from different channels, tags both automatically and manually for each data's features, creates a 360 degree view of customer profile that support precision marketing.

  • Segment Market

DOSSM-MarTech supports precision marketing for each segment market of the enterprise. Enterprises can set up their segment markets in the system by multi-dimension features, according to which the customers will be automatically tagged and grouped. Thus enterprises may carry out precision marketing based on customer tags and segment markets.

  • Leads Value Evaluation

DOSSM-MarTech includes a customer value scoring model, which scores sales leads based on customer's behavior, analyze customer value and rank the most potential leads. Each customer has one and only one value score, based on which auto-marketing or salesperson marketing provides personalized content, product or service to the customer. For example, if a customer visits the website, 10 points will be added to the score; if he/she downloads a document, 10 points; if he/she didn't engage in any channel with the enterprise in recent 30 days, 30 points off. These kinds of rules may be set up in the system and based on these rules the system will automatically score the customer value.